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Hello, Darren here and I’m writing today about the Google Chromecast HDMI plugin that will connect directly to newer TV’s and allow you to see everything that is on you’re Chrome browser or YouTube or Netflix.

  Google Chrome Cast Extension Want to be able to watch whatever is displayed on your chrome browser on your TV? Well now you can with a neat little HDMI plugin called the Google Chromecast Extension. The Google Chromecast Extension allows you to use your computer as a remote to look through videos and to control playback. Aside from videos, Youtube, and Netflix you can also cast tabs which allows you to enjoy sites and photos. Chromecast simply grabs what it needs from your computer and displays it onto your TV. Google Chromecast Extension is designed to work like Roku and Apple TV; you’ll be able to stream videos if the chrome browser supports the video file type. The most common file types, such as mp4, m4v, avi, and mpeg, play the best, while mkv mutes audio. It’s fairly simple to stream your videos. Just open the browser and pick the video you want to play. One of the most obvious features of this extension is the ability to stream webpages to your TV. If you want to do this, simply open the site and click on the Cast this tab button. If you’d like, you can show your full desktop screen from your computer to your TV. However, this feature is currently in beta so you won’t be able to hear audio. The Google Chromecast Extension will perform best when you stream Netflix or Youtube from the internet and you use your mobile device as a remote and you have a strong connection to Wi-Fi. Chromecast is only thirty-five dollars for all of these features and all you have to do is plug the adapter into your TV’s HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi, and there you have it. Every single device in your house (tablets, smartphones, and laptops) will turn into a remote to make browsing bigger and better. Chromecast is a great little device to add to your multimedia center whether you want to use it to show cool things you’ve found to your friends or if you just want to cuddle up on your couch and watch a Netflix movie on a bigger screen.
The Apple Dumpling Gang:

I remember so well those family times when I sat with my family watching silly movies that made us all laugh and brought us together at the same time. My dad passed away in 1989, so all I have left of him are the memories. Thank God we had those times, and there were many. Gathering as a family around the television can be an awesome experience, and today we have even more control over special times like these. With Google Chromecast Extension, family night can be any time. My family enjoys the freedom we have with Netflix, and the idea that we can play a movie any time is truly something that gives freedom. Recently, we gathered at Grandpa and Grandma’s new house in North Ogden, Utah. We were fortunate to be able to gather and watch a silly old movie with Don Knotts. We laughed and had a great time, but most importantly, because of technology, we were able to do so when it was convenient for us! Nowadays, you can plug in that HDMI Dongle and watch what is played over Netflix, or your Chrome browser, instantly. I hope that we all recognize how important it is to spend time with our families and take the time to use technology to our advantage.

In order to make sure that your Google Chrome Cast device works, first you need to ensure that you are running Google Chrome 28 or higher.
The next thing that you have to do is make sure that you have installed the cast extension.
Once you’ve taken care of both of these steps you’re ready to go have fun and enjoy watching your Google Chrome Cast Extension programs.

Google Chromecast Extension really is the cheapest way to stream media from your phone or laptop to your television.
for only around $35 you can now stream TV over the dongle that is certainly cheap. Anybody can afford it and it is the easiest way in order for you to be able to watch TV in addition to online video from places such as Netflix and YouTube. I enjoy watching YouTube videos and with Chromecast Extension you can use your phone as a remote and watch video after video. You can even select playlists from YouTube in order to not have to keep selecting videos from your phone or notepad or laptop. This could keep you busy for hours if you’re anything like me. Some of my favorite videos are prepper videos. I like to watch online videos like homestead prepper, southernprepper, etc cetera.
Something similar can be done on Netflix when you are watching TV programs you can start with episode 1 and it will continue to play until you ask it to stop. It seems like the ultimate lazy man toy. so get busy by a Google Chrome cast extension plug it into the back of your television set up your crumb cast browser and have fun with Google Chrome cast extension.

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